Tubz R Us Affordably Refreshes!

Serving YOU by Restoring/Reglazing Tubs, Tile, and Sinks

Fall is coming then the holidays ... does your bathroom need a picker upper?

We are located upstate South Carolina. We reglaze tubs, sinks and counter tops making them look brand new. We come to you. Call for a free estimate today. We also keep in stock claw-foot tubs to reglaze any color you like or a few already reglazed.

Bathtub reglazing can turn a run-down old bathtub into a sparkling, new-looking tub. Refinishing a bathtub helps cut down on home maintenance costs by reusing an old tub instead of buying a new one and having it professionally installed and fitted. We also can do the same with tile, sinks and counter tops. Give us a call and we will give you a free estimate, there is a 5 year guarantee, and we are licensed insured. We do commercial and residential. We use the finest professional materials and supplies that can be found.

Fastest dry time in the industry
Complete use within 12 hours
Caulking can be done within 10-15 minutes
Application to any type of bath material
Highest quality & most durable in the industry

Refinishing Bathrooms save the consumer on average 75% of replacement!


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