Tennessee Softball Team Scores 2013

These were all picked randomly

Measures of Central Tendency

Data: 0,0,1,3,4,5,7,10,10,15,18

  • Mean- 6
  • Median- 5
  • Mode- 0 and 10
  • Range- 18
Since my mean is 7 that means that 7 is the average, its about how many times they score if we are talking about the Tennessee softball team. My median is 6 its in the middle of the two middle numbers. The mode is 0 and 10 because they are the the two numbers that accur most often out of the group. The range for the data is 18. That means that the biggest number minus the smallest number equals 18.

Stem and leaf plots

Stem and leaf plots show how spread out the data is. It also exposes the outliers. I used a back to back stem and leaf plot to compair to things. Stem and leaf plots can be used for many things such as compairing two teams, stats, ect.

Frequency and Histograms

Frequency means how many times soething happens. So if I have down 7 through 12 for my data the frequency is 3 because there are 3 numbers in my data between 7 and 12. HIstograms are like bar graphs but the bars are touching. Histograms compair the different frequencys to the others.

Box and whisker plots

Box and whisker plots show you multiple median. They also show you how spread out the data is. In mine the medians are lower because the data is low.