It's Electric...

Writing and Science have come alive!

We live life twice...WE Write

We have decided on a theme for our writing. We have focused on living writing everyday. To see the inspiration around us, we view the world as writers. We decided to also include the idea of living life and then living it again by writing about the moment. On a daily basis the students are writing about their lives.

We will continue our writing as we move into expository writing. Your student will make or add to their expert lists. The expert topics include places he/she knows well, jobs/responsibilities, activities, sports, people he/she knows, or animals. We will continue to develop our areas of expertise as we write informational pieces. The purpose of the next few weeks will be writing to inform. We will work on main idea and support details in our writing.

Revising and Editing Homework

One week we will do the regular spelling list (Mrs. Weir), and the next we will provide a story for your child to edit and revise (Mrs. Parker). We will continue to rotate the homework every other week. This practice will allow your child to excel in their editing and revising skills for the remainder of the semester and further prepare them for the editing and revising portion of the state test.

Your student should edit and revise one paragraph each night. This should take no longer than 5-10 minutes per night. We have learned about editing symbols in class. Your child will know what to look for, but just in case, we stapled a copy the editing symbols to the back of your child’s planner.

Electricity and Force

We have learned about the forms of energy (mechanical, electrical, thermal, light and sound). We are zooming into electrical energy in the new few weeks and studying electrical circuits with conductors and insulators. We will study electromagnetic fields. Then we will move on to force on an object. It is amazing to see the inquiry and zest to learn that the students bring daily to science.