alpha Kappa Delta Phi

Boston University Associate Chapter Est. Spring 1996

April-May 2016 Alumnae Newsletter

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May Birthdays!

Wishing a happy birthday to our May babies! :)

#129 Victoria "Fiorella*" Gao

#112 Ellie "GLACÉE" Ling

#123 Alexandra "WILDFIRE" Lam

#105 Ghislaine ".SOJU" Sierra

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Congratulations to our graduate of class of 2016, #97 Sara "AvaLanChe" Ly! Your hard work for the past years as a sister has shined through and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, wherever your job takes you! Welcome to the alums club!
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Crest Fest 2016, Relay for Life and Boston Marathon

This past semester, Boston aKDPhi hosted Crest Fest where we attended and hosted events in honor of our pillars! We attended a forum for Asian American female leaders, had a sisterhood dinner, attended a speaker workshop where Ms. Gloria Namugaya spoke about her organization that empowers and assists female immigrants, had a scholarship workshop about test taking tips, and participated in Relay for Life.

Our sisters also volunteered in the Boston Marathon! We were blessed with sunny weather and spent 7 hours handing out water to runners.

Spring 2016 Reveals

Our chapter had the pleasure of attending NEU Pi Delta Psi's reveal where they unveiled 3 new brothers. We also had reveal for our Alpha Iota class this past May where NME #104 Ganok "Illuminate" Pukchareon unveiled her 6 new kiddos! Congratulations to Spring 2016 :)
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Formals 2016 and 20th Anniversary

This past May, our chapter combined our 20th anniversary with our annual formals. We celebrated how far our chapter has come and how much it has grown. We also had Alpha Iota installs and presentation of Alpha Theta paddles. Special thanks to Alice Ly and Steve Wong for all your help and for the great photos!

Convention 2016

This year's annual aKDPhi Convention was hosted in Phoenix, Arizona at the Hyatt Regency. Fourteen of our sisters and 12 of our alumnae came to Convention altogether. It was a great opportunity for actives and alums to be able to bond together. Special thanks to Cindy Mei and Kai Shum for the embroidery of our blazers. We received many compliments from multiple chapters and we loved them too! :)

HUGE shoutout to #103 Maggie "24KARAT" Wu for winning the Fall 2015 IRIS Award! We are SO proud of you and all of your work you've done for the active house! <3

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