Affirmative Action & Title IX

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action was legislation that provided equal opportunity for any race, color, or sex. This was primarily in education, business, and employment. This policy had both positives and negatives. More qualified white people would be denied jobs or education and given to less qualified African Americans. This policy gives equal opportunity for some but leaves others not able to reach their true potential in education or the job market. Affirmative Action should be repealed because employers or schools should be able to give jobs or scholarships to the best, those who worked hard in life to get to where they are.

Title IX

Title IX was a policy that got rid of discrimination of men and women. This was affecting mostly the athletics and education. What this would do is it would give the women an equal amount of sports as the males. So if the men had ten sports and the women had eight sports. They would get rid of one of the men's sports to have the equal amount of sports. They would also take some of the profits of the male sports and use it to build up the women's sports to make them equal to the men's sports. Title IX should be repealed because some very successful sports programs get dropped leaving male athletes without a sport.
Both Affirmative Action and Title IX need to repealed. Many students pay money to go to college for specific sports and having their sport to just be taken away is completely unfair. Other people work very hard in life to become a doctor or a lawyer, but the opportunity is given to someone else who is less qualified and didn't work as hard.