Democratic - Republicans

By: Verica Sanders

The issues with the beliefs of the differents party.

French Revolutions: Supported the popular forces in the French Revolutions and favored americans assistance . Some notes : debt of america to france for its assistance during the American Revolutions.

Alien & Sedition acts: Along with the enlarged army, as threat criticized individual rights. Notes: Criticized by Jefferson and Madison in the Kentucky and Virginia.

Power of the National Government : A limit role of National Government ,favoring local control . Notes: This issues never finally settled until the Civil War .

Assuming the states debt: As long as the federalists agreed to move the nation's capital to the bank of potomac . Notes: In presents day washington D.C

Creation of a National Bank: The Democratic-Republicans argued that the Constitution should be interpreted strictly . It did not specifically grant Congress the rights to create a national bank . Notes: Congress was granted the authority to make all laws that were " necessary and proper" to the execution of its powers.

War with Britain in 1812:

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These are the National Leaders of the democratic- republicans

Our slogan of the democratic-republicans.