Ms. Schaum's Class Newsletter

Week of October 17-21, 2016

Nut Free Classroom

We have some learners with severe nut allergies, so our classroom is designated as a nut free zone. Please do not send any food to school that contains nuts. Thank you for helping us keep our classroom safe for all learners!

Classroom Wish List

If you see this and can help out, I would greatly appreciate it!

Post It Notes - the learners will be using a lot of these this year to track their thinking as they read books and document it in their journals!

Expo (dry erase) markers - our tables are whiteboard surfaces and we can use them to write on and solve math problems!

Thank you in advance!

Curriculum Corner

Reading: We will start to respond to our reading in our interactive reading journals. This week we will write different kinds of connections.

Writing: We learn about nouns and verbs.

Math: We will learn about comparing numbers with symbols (ex: <, >, =) and ordering numbers on an open number line.

Science: We will learn about different forms of energy. This week we will focus on light and heat.

Social Studies: We will be making a ThingLink (app) presentation about our island communities.

Upcoming Dates

October 20 - Community Night 5:30-8:00