Feudalism in the Middle Ages

By: Bella Marlow

What is Feudalism?

Feudalism is where people are HIGHLY ranked in society. They are ranked by how rich they are or how powerful you can be are you are. If you were born a peasant you normally stay a peasant unless you become a Nun or a Monk. If you are born out of the rich or the royal you stay a king or are kept in a higher class you entire life. Also if you were rich you would be able to claim land to give to the others, and benefit yourself by providing for the lower class people.

Social Structure

Role of Women

They women didn't have much of a place in the Mid evil role. They were really just there to cook and clean. They weren't able to help rule and they weren't able to become a Noble. But one woman changed that forever. Joan of Arch was the first woman who lead men into war. But the women would live a stable life while the men had to do all the real hard work that required things that women didn't have. Like strength. Most women didn't expect a lot out of life due to the fact that they knew they couldn't do much to help change the way they lived there life's.

My thoughts on Feudalism

Good or Bad?

Feudalism isn't a very good thing. Due to the fact people kill them self's to become higher in the chain. Sons will kill their fathers and family members just to get to the throne. Also the King is only one person. The people don't get to choose who they want ruling over them. The people under the King would be forced to live under what ever the king thought would be good for them. They would die and be put under imminence pressure due to the King and his utmost power.

Conflict or Cooperation?

Cooperation. Because the people have to listen to the King or upper class people. With out the cooperation from the people and King there would be war in the kingdom constantly all the time. There were some cases where they kingdom got out of slight control but with cooperation it stopped. It is a slight mix but mostly points towards Cooperation.

Is Feudalism still around?

In some cases yes. Because we see it today in the U.S. Like when we see people on the streets they are like the Peasants, the people in houses but they aren't rich and don't drive fancy cars and have a lot of nice things those are like the Guild workers. The people that have nice things but still might struggle that would be like the Nobles ect.

In schools it's not as bad but students judge each other by what they where, who they are friends with, who there families are, or how much money you have. The Kings would be the Knights would be the teachers the King would be the principal and the Pope would be the district administrator like Dr. Bruckner.

Other societies don't really have any thing like Feudalism. Over in Great Britain they have Kings and Queens but they are not based on the social structure to help run the country. There may be some similarities in some places but nothing big like what it was back then.

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