Professional Athlete

By: JQ Beason

Working Conditions

Actually the working can dictionary really varies. What I mean by "it varies", I mean it depends on what state your in. Lets say in Michigan, sometimes it would snow you would get frostbites and be freezing when you get here. Also you really have to work hard during many things. Like during practice, games, workouts, lifting weights and lots other activities.

The Pay

Depending on the player and how good he/she is it varies on how much you'd be paid. The entry wage is about $29,950. So that's basically when u first begin playing professionally. The next medium wage is about $40,060. But once again it all varies on what sport you play, how long you play. And the more experienced wage pays about 75,150. That's for the players that are about to retire and aren't in their prime anymore. (But once again don't forget this is nationally

Education Requirements

Your education is really important. That's the only way you'll be able to play in highschool, and college. Depending on what sport you play you'll need a certain amount of years in college or university.

Extras ( Sample career path)

Junior athletes

College athlete

Professional athlete