Caldwell, L.

Black Bears

American Black Bears

American Black Bears

By: Laney Caldwell


The types of species that in the world are the American

Black Bears, Grizzly or Brown Bears, Polar Bears, Asiatic Black Bears, Sun Bears, Panda Bears, Spectacled Bears, and Sloth Bears. Some scientist think that the Panda Bears belong in the bear family, and other scientist think that the that the Panda Bears belong in the racoon family.


Black Bears come in many different colors like: black, and brown, and blond, and cinnamon, and reddish, and all shades of lighter or darker colors in between. They usually have a little bit of white upon their Black chests. Also they are smaller and lighter than Grizzly bears. American Black Bears come in many different colors and sizes.


Some kinds of bears live in the zoo, some other kinds of bears live in hot forests, also some other kinds live in cold mountains, while other live near the sea. Black Bear mothers have their babies in their bear den and they stay with their mother in their den for a few years. A few years later they go out with their mothers and look or hunt for good and yummy food. Bears live in many different places.


Most Black Bears eat foods such as plants, fruits, nuts, and insects and lots of other things like honey, maple syrup, and other kinds of meats. If bears eat meat, they have to try to catch their prey. First bears look for green shoots of plants, then they look for nuts, berries and meats. Bears smell the food to try to catch and find it.


Black Bears usually sleep or hibernate through more colder months. Black Bears can live up to 21-33 years or more. On Pennsylvania’s roads, cars kill up to about 300 bears each and every year. Black Bears weigh up to about 300 pounds. They are close to 7 feet long. When baby Black Bear cubs are born they weigh less than 1 pound. Baby Black Bear cubs cannot see when they are born neither hear when the are born. The white spot on the Black Bears chest is called a white blaze. They are also some of the smallest bears in all of North America. They are North America’s most popular and technically only bear.


Black Bears are very interesting mammals.