Lubbock-Cooper Central Elementary


A note from the principal

Recently I've experienced an up-tick in parents asking me about ways they can help support their children's learning. What tutors I recommend, which programs around town have the best results, is there a website that I think is best to practice math facts on? For what it's worth, kudos to all who are seeking ways to support your kiddos academically.

Officially my answer is this: there are lots of things that may be beneficial, but nothing holds a candle to what you have to offer.

At home I have a two year old and a baby girl on the way. We don't get a lot of sleep. Sometimes we don't eat the most healthy dinner. Sometimes we forego bath-time due to a meltdown of some sort, and sometimes we utilize the dreaded screen time to buy a few moments of peace (thank you Disney+). One thing we do, every single day, is spend time supporting our son's education. We read books together every single night. We practice counting every single day. We sing the alphabet song over, and over, and over!

To all Central Elementary parents, I want you to know: I believe you are the most crucial part of your child's education. I encourage you, not to feel like you have one more thing to do, but to embrace that role you have with your children. You can make a difference, you can change the trajectory of their life and education, you are your child's first and longest standing 'teacher'.

Read with your kiddos, learn with your kiddos, keep education a priority in your home, then watch your kiddos change the world, and themselves, for the better.

-Colter Cox

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Valentine's Day Parties

PK - 11:30 -12:00

Kindergarten - 10:45

1st grade - 9:00

2nd grade - 10:00

3rd grade - 10:00

4th grade - 10:00

5th grade - 10:30

All times reflect when parties will begin. Please contact your classroom teacher for specifics about classroom parties or when they are expected to end.

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Camp Invention- June 1st-5th

Flight simulator robots, LED lights, high-energy hover ball activities and more! Check out the new @CampInvention program, Elevate! We’re lucky enough to be hosting the program at Central Elementary during the week of June 1-5, 2020 for students entering grades 2-6. All district employees are eligible for $30 off the base price when using promo code HOST. Sign up by visiting