Dietary Guidelines

By. Taylor Thoman

What Dietary Guidelines Do For us Americans

A Health risk is basically when your body is at risk with a heart disease.

Diet- This is basically a plan of meals that you will eat on a daily basis to keep your body from getting more than 2000 calories a day.

To determine how many calories you need a day is based off of gender, age, activity level, what your trying o gain or lose weight.

Nutrient Dense Foods- These are foods that provide a lot of nutrients

Healthy Weight

Risk Factor-A condition that increases your chances of developing a problem.

ome health problems that might occur if you have too much body fat is that you can get diebetes.

The risk of too little body fat is when your body doesn't get enough body wont have enough energy reserve.

Two ways to lose weight is by eating less and lifting weights.

Phisical activity can also have an effect on your body too it helps by you being able to control your body weight,strenghthen your heart and bones and more.

A teen should get up to 60 minutes of physical activity everyday.

Some guidelines are getting involved in a sport, take walks more often and help arond.

Importance of Healthy Foods

Foods such as whole grains,fruits, vegetables, and milk are all good for your body. These give the nutrients that your body needs everyday. They also help you grow up strong and healthy.

If you eat these types of food then your health will be better than people who eat unhealthy items.

You can include these things in your diet is by eating a fruit/vegetable for a snack instead of an unhealthy snack. You can also make a daily plan on what you're going to eat every day to keep your calories low.

Some unhealthy fats are chips, candy and more.If you eat too much of these foods then you will gain weight and can get diebetes. Some guidelines are eating foods that have low trans fat, limit cholestrol, eat egg yolks and more.

Carbohydrates and sodium

Foods with natural sugars are nutriet rich , while added sugar are high in calories and have little to no nutrient value.

The reason why you need to limit the sugar you take inis because too much sugar can lead to tooth decay.

Sodium helps your body control your body fluids. But if you have too much it can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease or a stroke. Potassium is used counteract sodiums effect.


Teens should not drink alcohol becuase it can lead to accidents,violence,emotional problems or have trouble with dependency.

Food safety

This is important to Dietary guidelines because thats what its mostly about.