Bear Necessities for PAT

May 2019


You all had some wonderful ideas during staff meeting and we will work on these! Thank you for the input!

Don't Forget Reminders

  • Update demographics.
  • Check for all families that can be seen during the day and make sure they are marked 'day' families.
  • We will discuss at BTS number of visits for non-high needs families - this will partially be determined by quota.

Collab Teams

Your collab teams will need to schedule their time together for the week after Team PAT and Staff Meeting. The representative of your collab team will give you information regarding anything that was discussed during that time.

Connecting to a Resource

Am I giving information or have I connected a family to a resource????

If you have given information, you have said "there's a library in Lee's Summit" or "did you know there are therapists in this area".

Connecting to a resource is "We have STEAM Night on March 14th" or "Rediscover is here in Lee's Summit and their number is". Different types of resources, but both are very important for families.

Please make sure to give yourself credit for all the resources you are giving to families!

VTW - Things you should know

Your VTW Calendar

You can add individual items to your calendar that no other pe can see.

You can record your staff professional development (this includes trainings, meetings, observations, files review and supervision) in Visit Tracker.

Make sure when you are adding anything for yourself that you mark it "individual staff" always! That way it will only show on your calendar.

Add New

Staff Event - always select this if it is not a home visit.

Individual (select yourself)

Mark what it is.

If you have questions, see Tracy or Andrea.

Zero Visits

Please run your report and look at those families who have not received a visit this year. Please schedule with them or exit them from your caseload.

To run the report:

To to reports - select Service Counts - run your dates from 5/28/18 to present.

This will give you a list of all your guardians and how many times you have visited with them. It will also list any guardian you previously had in your caseload and have a big 0 next to them. If your name is not listed, it means someone else has them and do not worry about it.

Just a little additional info on Phonological Awareness