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Cloud Learning Edition: Week of May 26th

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Feature Articles

Save the Date: Student PIck-Up & Drop-Off Days (June 10-June 12)

Classroom 2 Cloud Updates: Gearing Up for Fall

Thursday, May 28th: PTO Meeting with Elections

Spread the News: Enrollment for Kindergarten is Open

Technology Help: See Mrs. Carson

Opportunities for Parents & Kids

Girl Scouts Events

Live Events for Students This Week

Celebrating Moments: This Week's Theme

Live Yoga Opportunities Last One This Friday

Parent Resources

Brain Pop Jr.

Parent Resource Night Slides

Additional Learning Resources for Families & Students

Virtual Field Trips Website

Videos & Resources from 4/17 Parent Zoom Meeting

Video Recording of "Chaos Coordinator" Zoom, Presented by GWBC

Tech Assistance Request Form


20-21 District Calendar

Help Teachers with Zoom Behavior

District Overview and Resources for Cloud Learning

Technical Assistance?

Not Getting Email Communications

Needing Help

Stay Connected on Twitter

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Doherty Has Been Selected as a CKH National Showcase School!

Celebrating Showcase Status

We are proud to announce that Doherty Elementary is one of 285 campuses in the United States to earn the honor of the Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase School award. We earned this honor for going above and beyond in building a safe & welcoming environment where kids are relationally connected and eager to learn. Please click here to read more from the Flippen Group website. Please know that this is just as much YOUR award as it is ours. We would not be able to do anything we do at Doherty without your love, support, and inspiration. Thank you for partnering with us!


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SAVE THE DATE: JUNE 10th, JUNE 11th, and JUNE 12th

Big Days in June: Drop-Off School Materials & Pick-Up Student Belongings

We expected the Stay At Home order to be concluded by May 28th. As you know, however, it will be extended until June 12th. In order to collect school items, get your personal belongings back to you, and effectively close out the school year, we have been approved to respectfully abide by the Stay At Home order and still achieve these objectives. Please continue reading this article to learn about how and when we will accomplish this.

The key here is that this will be done through our carline--without you having to even get out of your car.

Items to Return

  • District-Issued Computer Devices
  • Teacher Books Distributed by Doherty in March when the closure began
  • Doherty library books
  • Teacher Book Bags
  • Rearview Mirror Carline Number Tags (if still in good shape)

Belongings to Pick-Up

  • Classroom teachers will be organizing your child's items so that they all can be returned to you
  • Yearbooks for this year!

Days for Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Please note that if you have multiple kids in different grade levels, then you can choose the day that works best for you.

Wednesday, June 10th: Kindergarten Pick-Up & Drop-Off

  • 8 AM- 3 PM

Thursday, June 11th: 1st Grade Pick-Up & Drop-Off

  • 8 AM- 3 PM

Friday, June 12th: 2nd Grade Pick-Up & Drop-Off

  • 8 AM-3 PM

Evening PIck-Up Time: Thursday, June 11th

  • 4 - 7 PM (any family that can't make their scheduled time)

Procedure for Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Please enter our lot and go through our carline traffic flow. When you pull up to the carline drop-off area, please stay in your car.

You will hand us items you are returning, and we will hand you your child's belongings.

We will also have lost and found items available to pick up outside the building, on tables, near the basketball courts by our parking lot.

Please see the map below for a visual of how things will work.

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Last Day of Live Cloud Learning: June 4th/ Last Day of Attendance: June 8th

Thursday, June 4th will be the final day of live instruction from teachers throughout the district. Monday, June 8th will be the last day we are asking students to complete the attendance form; there will be some type of activity/reflection that will be paired with the final attendance form.
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Classroom 2 Cloud: Gearing Up for the Fall

As explained in district communications and media coverage last week, our district continues to stay on the innovative side of things. That's right! The West Bloomfield School District is one of the first to reveal a plan for what school MAY look like in the fall.

CLICK HERE to review all items related to the Classroom 2 Cloud planning.

It is important to keep in mind that these plans are not set in stone. Rather, they exist in case schools are not allowed to return as normal in the fall. We believe it is important to be prepared for all scenarios.

Yesterday, the district sent out a survey to all families to find out more about your feelings related to the three different potential options of learning in the fall (provided that we don't go back to normal in the fall). Please take the time to complete that survey. If you need help accessing the survey, please feel free to reach out to me. I can make sure the link gets sent to you again.

Thursday, May 28th: PTO Meeting with Elections

Please save the evening for our PTO Meeting at 7 PM via Zoom, which will include elections for next year's PTO officers. Stay tuned for the Zoom Link and additional details.
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Please Spread the News: Enrollment for Kindergarten is Open

Thank you to those who have already shared with others that enrollment for kindergarten is open. Michelle Rudelic is leading the enrollment charge at Doherty. She can be reached at

Please continue to spread the word about our amazing Doherty Family. We want to continue chasing our mission and vision by supporting as many kids and families as possible.

Technology Help

Technology Troubles? Have no fear...Mrs. Carson is here!

Mrs. Carson is willing to make herself available to support you in specific technology challenges you are facing. She knows that tech can be tricky, and she is excited to be able to help you navigate these challenging waters.

For help, please reach out to her via email at

Please note that this is separate from the Oakland Schools technology assistance form included below. You might find a more personalized approach to various technology needs if you connect with Mrs. Carson.


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This Week's Cloud Learning Theme in the Doherty Family: CELEBRATING MOMENTS

If your child would like to participate in this week’s theme, you can send me videos or pictures that connect to the theme/focus. You can text those pictures and videos to me at 248-259-5595.

This week’s theme is “CELEBRATING MOMENTS.” I am hoping we all can reflect back on the awesome parts of this school year and share those great memories out. Please send pictures or videos that highlight those special moments from this school year.

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Special Live Yoga Opportunites for Our Kids

Taylor Beardsall from Solstice Healing Arts has been providing yoga and art therapy for students in the district throughout this year. Taylor is offering live virtual yoga for our Doherty Family this Friday, May 29th at 10 AM. See below for this Friday's invitation and for June invitations.

Topic: Funky Friday Yoga and Mindfulness with Doherty Dolphins: Bring your Doll or Toy to Yoga

Time: May 29, 2020 10:00 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 821 4615 2833

Password: funky


June Invitations

MONDAY: Topic: Yoga and Mindfulness with Doherty Dolphins
Time: Jun 1, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 890 8851 0737
Password: yoga

FRIDAY: Topic: Funky Friday Yoga and Mindfulness with Doherty Dolphins Fantasy Yoga: Magical Animals and Creatures
Time: Jun 5, 2020 10:00 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 821 4615 2833
Password: funky


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Username westbloomfield (no space)

Password; doherty

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K-2 Parent Resource Night

Please click here to view the slide show from the Parent Resource Night that recently took place.
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Additional Resources for Families and Students

This website provides a plethora of websites and resources for families and students during remote learning. Please CLICK HERE to access.

Virtual Field Trips

Looking for a great set of virtual field trips.

Click Here to view Website

Videos and Resources from Parent Zoom Meeting on 4/17

Links to Slides and Videos Created that Reflect Content from Parent Meetings

Thank you to all of those that attended our Parent Zoom Meetings last week. It was great to see your faces, and I am grateful for the opportunity to check in with all of you.

Below are links to resources related to the Parent Zoom Meetings that were held on April 17th. The first link is the entire slide show that was presented during the parent meeting. The following four links are videos I created that mirror what was presented on Friday, April 17th. For your convenience, I broke the videos up into the 4 major topics that were discussed at the meeting. My hope is that you can pick and choose what you want to watch. There were additional questions asked in the chat from the parent meetings, and I will be working on content to address those questions in the near future.

4/17 Parent Zoom Meeting Slides

Time Investment and Prioritizing

Is This Even My Kid: Behavior Strategies

Google Classroom Organization

Vision, Goals, and Expectations

Video Recording of "Chaos Coordinator" Zoom, Presented by GWBCC

Thank you so much for attending Chaos Coordinator on Thursday, April 16th. I hope that you found it to be very helpful during these unprecedented times.

The recording of the zoom meeting has now been posted on our website Please feel free to let other people, who may benefit from the information , know where to find the complete recording.

If you have any further questions for Nikki or feedback on the program, please just reply to this email.

Remember to visit our website and like Greater West Bloomfield Community Coalition on Facebook to learn more about us and to hear about upcoming events.

Stay safe and healthy!

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Technology Assistance Request

In partnership with Oakland Schools, West Bloomfield has a technology assistance request form that you can fill out if you need help with technology. Please CLICK HERE to access and complete the form.


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Revised 2020-20201 District Calendar Approved by the Board

On Monday, the West Bloomfield Board of Education approved a new district school calendar for 2020-2021. Please keep in mind that this calendar is if all things are back to normal in the fall. Click Here to review the revised calendar.

Highlights of the new 2020-2021 calendar:

  • The first day of school for students is August 26, 2020.
  • There is no school on Election Day, November 3, 2020.
  • Winter break encompasses two full weeks, December 21, 2020, through January 1, 2021.
  • There are two days for mid-winter break, February 15 and 16, 2021.
  • Spring break is March 29, 2021, through April 2, 2021, consistent with the Oakland Schools Common Calendar.
  • The last day of school for students is June 11, 2021, and the last day for teachers is June 14, 2021.
  • PLC early release days are every Monday from September through April.
  • Teacher professional learning is competency-based, meaning that teachers must demonstrate certain competencies instead of logging required “seat time.” Professional development (12-15 hours) will be provided throughout the summer to help teachers meet the competencies and earn SCECH’s toward recertification if needed, but PD is not required as long as competencies can be met.
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Helping Teachers with Zoom Behavior

We know that Zoom instruction is a totally different way to engage with teachers and classmates. With that said, our teachers have built Zoom social contracts with their classes to ensure that the Zoom time together is optimal and focused.

As we close in on this final month of instruction, we would appreciate any support you can provide in reminding your child of the behavioral expectations during Zoom. Additionally, if you can help provide a focused learning environment for Zoom sessions, that would be greatly appreciated. Here are some things to consider:

  • You are more than welcome to sit alongside of your child or near your child during a Zoom.
  • Please avoid giving your child the answers to questions during a Zoom session.
  • Please find a nice, quiet spot for your child to participate in the Zoom. One thing to think about is your child using headphones for a Zoom session. This helps block out background noise.

As always, thank you for everything that you do!

District Overview and Resources for Cloud Learning

Please click here to access the district web page for Cloud Learning.

This page provides you with information related to meal service, technology assistance, and other important district updates.

For example, you can find out about meal pick ups at Roosevelt Elementary or Orchard Lake Middle School on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Technical Assistance?


Not Getting Email Communications

Oftentimes, mass emails from our PowerSchool School Messenger will go to your spam or junk email, especially if you are a Yahoo or Hotmail user. If you are not getting these mass emails, please begin by checking your spam or junk.

If it is in there, you can pull it out. It will take two or three times of checking spam/junk mail and saying it's not junk before it will start to automatically go to your normal inbox.

If you check your spam/junk and it's not in there, then please email your email address. I can then check PowerSchool to see if the email we have on file is accurate.

Needing Help?

If you need assistance with something, here are some great steps to take to ensure your question gets answered over the next two weeks.


Our West Bloomfield School District Cloud Learning web page covers a ton of information and often has the answers to your Cloud Learning questions. Click Here to view that page.


Feel free to connect with your child's teacher via email. They will be glad to support you.


If your child's teacher doesn't have the answer, please feel free to email me at


If you feel like you need to speak with someone in the district, the only number you should call is our district main line: (248)865-6420.

Stay Connected with the Following Hashtags on Twitter

We are using several main hashtags during this time period:





Please feel free to post pictures of the amazing things you all are doing at home when it comes to learning, reading, and connecting as a family. These images and great stories are ways to inspire us during a rather challenging time.