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Some of the effects from Earth make a needle move. I'm talking about a compass. A compass is used for finding which direction you are or need to go.

How to use a compass.

  1. 1. Find your position and where you want to go on the map.
  2. 2. Match the edge of your compass with that line.
  3. 3. Rotate the bezel so its orienting lines run parallel with the map's orienting lines.

Point of compass

The point of a compass is to find north and so on and so fourth. Compasses are mostly used on boats and and in a forests and in woods.

Parts of compass

There are 7 parts to a compass

  • Base Plate
  • Index Line
  • Orientating Arrow
  • Compass housing with degree dial
  • Magnetic needle
  • Direction of travel needle
  • Orientating lines