By: Savoie Srodulski


The Symbol for Xenon is Xe and its Atomic Number is 54. It's Atomic Mass is 131.29 and it's a gas in the Noble Gases family. It is used in headlights, lamps for searching deep in the ocean, and photographic flash lamps. It also glows blue when excited by an electrical discharge.


Xenon has 36 different isotopes and the mass numbers range from 110 to 145. The naturally occurring Xenon is a mixture of 9 isotopes and the mass numbers are from 124-136.

Discovery of Xenon

Xenon was discovered by a Scottish Chemist named William Ramsay along with Morris Travers. They discovered it in London in 1898 from the residue of liquid air that had been fractionally distilled. There was blue lines that hadn't been seen before and this indicated that there was an unknown presence of a new element.

Unusual Facts

  • It is not toxic but the compounds in it are because of some of the oxidizing properties.
  • If the gas is inhaled, it will deepen the pitch of your voice.
  • Xenon is used in bubble chambers, probes, high pressure arc lamps for motion picture projection, lamps to produce ultraviolet light and as a general anesthetic.
  • It is a rare colorless and odorless trace gas found in Earth's atmosphere and its the gas admitted from some mineral springs.
  • It has a boiling point of -162.6F and It's melting point is -169.1F.
  • William Ramsay and Morris Travers (the discoverers of Xenon) also discovered Krypton, Neon, Helium and Argon.


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