Free Ipad Apps for the Classroom

Amy Womack

Take Aways from Webinar

I chose this webinar because this coming school year iPads will be available for check-out in our school library. I wanted to see what types of apps were available for free download and how they could help with classroom management. The instructor/presenter of the webinar was Monica Burns. I did not realize how many apps were available for free until watching this webinar. Burns went through and named several apps and also explained the characteristics of each. One of the ones I will definitely look more into is the Teacher Kit app. This app allows you to do several things but the one thing I like most is the ability to log behavior and take notes on students progress. Another app, Pick a Student Name Selector, would replace the popsicle sticks I have in my room that I use to randomly call on students. This app will randomly pick a student to call on for me! There were several apps that she discussed and most were for teacher use but I wanted to do more research on ways the students could use the device. The presentation was easy to read and take notes from and the pace was perfect. The webinar was only around 30 minutes and that is perfect for teachers to watch during a planning period or after school.

Additional Resources for Ipads in the Classroom

62 Ideas for Using the Ipad in the Classroom

This SlideShare presentation gives additional ways that iPads may be used to support classroom instruction. The apps mentioned are cross the curriculum including Reading, Math, and Music.

Ipads in the ClassroomThe author of this site, Kathryn Schrock, supports the use of the iPad in the classroom. This site she has created includes links and other iPad information pages to help with the use of iPads in the classroom. She even has a page that allows others to add their favorite apps to share with others called App for That.

Transforming the Classroom with Ipads

I found the video on YouTube. A first grade teacher Kristina Kellogg shows viewers how she has integrated ipads in her classroom. It shows how technology can help students get excited about reading and improving their skills.

EdTech Teacher's Ipad As...

This website provides teachers with ideas on how to use iPads but the ideas are organized by what the teachers actually wants the students to do with it. For example if you want the students to use the iPad in math class there is a folder of nothing but ideas of how to use it in math. Check it out!

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