Sales Ideas to End March Strong

March 29, 2017

Here are some suggestions for how to sell 500 PQV even if you are at zero right now:

So many of you are going for Style Fix Passes, Qualifying to get your 4% back in FREE Summer Line goodies, higher commissions, etc. Dig deep my will do it!


Who do you know who has a birthday this month? Forward the birthday email from S&D off to her so she can get a treat! Then, FOLLOW UP! That is the key my friends! No personal follow up? Not as good a chance you'll get that sale. Plus it gives you the opp to build your relationship for future biz :)

Who LOVES our line and would like to be the first to shop our Summer Collection TOMORROW? Look at your contacts and sort by most spent. Then just start dialing and share your enthusiasm about the new line. They may buy, book, or be in love so much they may just want to sign on as a stylist!

Schedule playdates for kids or for YOURSELF and have the line/Dottie ready! I had a friend pick up her daughter yesterday and just b/c I had the display up in my dining room, I made a sale! She was drawn like a magnet to my gorgeous table and $155 later we were both happy campers!

Check out who of your Facebook friends have birthdays coming up.

Text them or their significant other a picture of a personalized engravable (you can set it up and take a screenshot of her specific initials to text).

Gift-giving made easy!

Open up a room in your home with your display and invite friends over tonight or tomorrow for stylish fun!

Big image

Enlist your stylish friends to join in the fun!

Which friends of yours LOVE playing with style? Give them each a tote of a few select S&D pieces to wear and share with family and friends over the next few days. Include lookbooks & order forms. When your friend collects 4 orders totaling $300 or more, she gets a FREE SETTA NECKLACE + more in Style Rewards! The more she shares, the more she can earn.

Online Shows and Facebook Shows

Pick a few pieces your friend would love. Text, Facebook IM, or email her a picture of it/them.

WTS: "Hi Annie! Hey I was dying when I saw these earrings because I immediately thought of how great they would look on you. What do you think? I have a fun idea. Let's get them for you for FREE! How about doing a simple online show tonight since we're so far away and can't do an in-person pop up. You could get oodles of free summer accessories, our March Hostess Special Necklace, and your friends will be able to shop at 1/2 off with our Trunk Show Exclusive Specials. All you'd need is 4 individual orders totaling $300+ and you've got FREE credits coming to you! I can set up in a snap for you and you can email the link to your friends. I'll even send you a note you could copy and paste for them. We could also add a Facebook event element to it where I could go LIVE for 30 mins or so and share style tips and versatility ideas. What do you say?"

Set it up immediately in the lounge so she can start collecting orders right away.

Email her the trunk show link and invite her as a co-hostess on the Facebook event so she can invite her friends!

Here's a pic of the one I did last week at my home with a nice glass o' vino!

Big image

Post your favorite pieces on Social Media!

Go for it! You can do it and if you can't make the sale, book an April show! Happy sharing the #SDJOY!


Carrie McGraw

Founding Executive Director