Tongue-Eating Louse

By:Andrew Orames

Scientific and Common name

Its common name is the Tongue-Eating Louse.Its scientific name is the Cymothoa Exigua.

Body, Shape, and Description

Female tongue-eating louse are usually 8-29mm long and 4-14mm wide.Males are 7.5-15mm long and 3-7mm wide.It attaches to the fishes tongue and serves on the blood vessels.It becomes the fishes new tongue.

Geographical home and Biome Type

In the oceans where there is a lot of fish such as the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific ocean.Its lives in a fishes mouth for its biome type.

Life Cycle

The juveniles attach to the gills of a fish and become males.As they mature they become females.The female then makes its way to fishes tongue to lay eggs.

Feeding Habits

It drinks the fishes blood from the blood vessels.