Life in Post War America

Venkata Yadavalli

The images shown above all depict different facets of American life after World War 2. The first image shows the continuing legacy of the New Deal, though in this case it was called the Fair Deal, established by Harry Truman; the Fair Deal proposed a raise in the minimum wage, health care for all Americans, and an end to racial segregation. The second image shows the "baby boom", which is a term referring to the rise in demographic between 1940s and 1960s, during which a total of seventy six million babies were born. The 3rd photo involves the development of savings bonds after the war and this shows the changing economy after the war. The fourth image resembles the 2nd Red Scare in America and how the rise of Communism was approaching. The fifth image shows the growing racial tensions and segregation with the birth of the Jim Crow laws in post world war 2 America.