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"I..am what I am because of who we all are."~A. Desmond Tutu

USA Collaboration Sessions Kick-Off - Excitement is in the air!!

May 8th was our first UBUNTU Collaboration Session - please see the included resources; recording, agenda and notes. Next Collaboration Session is May 15th - for registration please see link further down in the newsletter! :)

Continue to Learn, Share and Support UBUNTU

Here are some suggestions on ways you can continue learning, sharing and supporting the momentum around UBUNTU in the next 30-60 days.

1-Read UBUNTU Contributionism - by Michael Tellinger

2-Bookmark and read the information on the following websites

3-Find out about your local community

  • What positions are elected positions
  • What resources are readily available in your local area
  • Download a map of your local area

4- "Like" UBUNTU Party USA Page (Facebook)

"Like" UBUNTU" Party Page (Facebook)

Share content from the Facebook pages on your personal feed

5- Support Municipal Elections in South Africa-August 3, 2016

WUWE presents: UBUNTU CONTRIBUTIONISM | Michael Tellinger

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Messaging UBUNTU - The Importance of One Clear Voice

As we continue our journey consistent and accurate messaging of the UBUNTU philosophy is of the utmost importance. We must maintain a clear voice and do what we can not to communicate conflicting information. If you have created documents, postcards, power points, videos, or anything similar we ask that you share this with the National Team before distribution. For review, please send to Allison Dracha, ajdracha@gmail.com. When you send, please let us know if we may include in a national repository. Thank you very much for all of your efforts!! (Please allow 7-10 days for review.)