Posterscope USA Monthly Newsletter

April 2016

In this month's newsletter we discuss how technology is integrating with OOH media in Chevrolet Malibu's vehicle recognition campaign and we comment on Mobile World Congress. Our campaign showcase features an April Fools stunt, Posterscope Brazil's Zika killing billboard, and our first campaign with Intersection LinkNYC. We also take a look at consumer insights in an infographic on Luxury Consumers created from our Outdoor Consumer Survey (OCS).

Posterscope in the News

Adage Article on April 4th 2016:

Technology Fuels Renaissance in Out-of-Home Advertising

There is a Chevrolet Malibu billboard along a highway west of Chicago that is just as smart as any online ad, if not smarter. Motorists behind the wheels of a Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata or Ford Fusion might even get the feeling that they are being watched. They'd be right. The sign has "eyes" that belong to General Motors, part of an outdoor campaign using cameras on billboards to identify passing vehicles by their grilles.

"Their branding is to 'Find New Roads' and they really challenged us to find new roads with out-of-home and push the envelope," said Helma Larkin, CEO of Dentsu Aegis-owned Posterscope USA, which created the effort in partnership with outdoor ad company Lamar Advertising as well as Carat and Commonwealth McCann.

Click to view the full article, published in AdAge.

Chicago Tribune on April 15th 2016:

Hey, you in the Altima! Chevy billboard spots rival cars,

makes targeted pitch

Drivers along a busy Chicago-area tollway may have recently noticed a large digital billboard that seems to be talking directly to them. Launched last month here as well as in Dallas and New Jersey, the eerily Orwellian outdoor campaign for Chevy Malibu uses vehicle recognition technology to identify competing midsize sedans and instantly display ads aimed at their drivers. Cruising along in an Altima? The message might be "More Safety Features Than Your Nissan Altima."

"This is just the tipping point of the disruption in out-of-home," said Helma Larkin, CEO of Posterscope, an out-of-home communications agency that designed the Malibu campaign with billboard company Lamar Advertising.

Click to view the full article, published in Chicago Tribune.

The annual Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest consumer technology showcases in the world. As mobile increasingly drives societal behavior, it's changing the way individuals interact with brands. MWC 2016 focus areas included wearables, home security and smart cities, along with proof of the evolution of almost any connected device you can think of. This tidal wave of change promises to be transformational for everyone involved in the out-of-home ecosystem, particularly digital OOH.

Click to read the rest of the article, published in Digital Signage Today.

Posterscope's First Activation on LinkNYC: Chevrolet Cruze

We are pleased to launch our very first LinkNYC campaign featuring the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze. The LinkNYC units replace NYC's old telephone booths and will be featured across all 5 NYC boroughs.

The Chevrolet Cruze campaign features on LinkNYC units in Manhattan's 3rd and 8th Avenues. The impressive displays can be seen from several blocks away. In order to promote the Chevrolet Cruze's 4G LTE speed connectivity, the ad creative is associated with LinkNYC's free Wi-Fi feature.

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Posterscope Brazil Creates Zika-Killing OOH Billboard

Out-of-home advertising continues its recent quest to make the outdoors a better place to live—not just a place to sell stuff—with interesting billboards in Brazil that kill mosquitos, and hope to make a dent in the spread of the Zika virus.

Panels are equipped with technology that attracts and kills the Aedes Aegypti mosquito—by mimicking the essence of human sweat and breath.

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April Fools’ with Clear Channel

This year, Clear Channel challenged advertisers to tease the nation on April Fools’ Day via our Adshel Live national network. We offered brands the chance to deliver a unique April Fools’ campaign across 500 digital screens, delivering up to 600,000 plays and 1,000,000 impressions. No joke!

We invited advertisers to invent a campaign that intelligently utilised Adshel Live and the power of digital Out of Home on the 1st of the month, when the flexibility of digital creates a truly engaging April Fools’ opportunity. Brands could have their ads displayed to the nation all morning – and then their April Fools’ activity could be revealed instantly come 12pm.

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Stuff We Like

A Close-Up Look at the OOH Habits of Luxury Consumers

Posterscope’s Outdoor Consumer Survey profiles thousands of consumers across the nation and explores their media consumption behavior and attitudes to Out-of-Home advertising.

Luxury Consumers are a highly sought after segment in the market. They’re willing to splurge their high disposable income on the latest luxury fashion styles and tech gadgets, broadcasting their extravagant lifestyle on social media. Out-of-Home and Experiential marketing can be used effectively to reach Luxury Consumers, with large amounts of time spent at high-end shopping malls, nightspot areas and at the movies.

Click here for the full Luxury Consumers infographic.

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