Ms. Watson's 3rd Grade Newsletter

We want to share our learning with you! - By Beatrice Ottsen


Our strategy of the month is determining importance.The strategy of month means finding what's important in the book.

During snack we are reading a book called wonder. Wonder is about a boy named August and he has a deformed face.


We just finish money and now we are on grams and kilograms.


In writing we just finished up writing our fiction stories on google docs. We changed the font and color on our writing.

Science/Social Science

We learned that in Coober pedy they mine for opals and in Durban they have a BIG harbor.Global trade means to trade things with different countries.Supply is what you have. Demand is what you want. Sellers are people that sell things. Buyers are people who buy things.

Spelling/Text Talk

This week in spelling we are doing compound words. We will be doing our test on Friday.


We are bringing in change to support children with cleft palates for an organization called miles for smiles.

Ms. Watson's Third Grade Class

We are a class of 17 third graders working on becoming better readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists!