What's going on in Pre-K?

This Week in Math

Happy Monday, Parents! As you may already know, our little ones have been working very hard in learning their numbers 0-9. This week we will be focusing on the numbers 4 through 6 (we already covered 1-3 last week and plan to learn 7-9 next week). And hopefully, by the end of this month we will be using all numbers, 0-9, competently. Our goal is to have our students use their numbers to solve basic problems that they will face in kindergarten, and also be able to recognize and use their numbers in various different contexts.

Homework Folder:


In your child’s take-home folder you will find a math packet with activities using the numbers 0 through 6. Please have your child complete the packet and have it turned in by Friday.


In class, we have been learning about the process that plants go through to turn into a beautiful flower from a little seed. To learn about this up close, our students have planted their own flower in our school garden, so I have inserted a coloring page in the take-home folder that should be colored and cut out to look like their flower that they are growing.


This week our class will be reading The Day the Crayons Quit. Please have your child bring in a crayon of their favorite color for Wednesday’s class project, where we will be drawing pictures that are the color of your child's crayon.

Class Trip!

Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 9am

Wellings Apple Orchard

We have our class trip to the apple orchard coming up soon. Parents, please do not forget to return the bottom half of the permission slip with the $5 admission fee for your little one. All parents are welcome to tag along!

Don't Forget!

Next Friday we will have early dismissal because of our Fall Festival. Class will end at 11:45 and then we will all head over to the fields behind our school where the festival will be held. If you would not like your child to participate please send me a note and have them be picked up from school by 12:15 at the latest. Parents and siblings are welcome to join us in our festivities!