TMS Advanc-Ed Self-Assessment

February 17, 2016

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Bobcat!

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We are working as a team to complete our self assessment. Thanks for your hard work!

Self Assessment Workbook for Schools

Click here for the entire Self Assessment Workbook document. You won't be working in it today. It is here for your information.

Directions for the self evaluation

  • You have been assigned into groups - 1-6

  • Each group will review one Standard. You will be given paper copies to use. But you will need to use your MacBook as well.

  • Select 1 person to be the recorder for your group - they will be in charge of typing your answers in the Google Form.

  • Select 1 person to write (by hand) on their standards form. This will be collected at the end of our session. (This is just to collect any notes, additional info, etc...)

  • Read each standard's description and then look at the scoring. There are 4 levels of descriptors with 4 being the highest, 1 being the lowest.

  • Choosing a score Once you have read the descriptions for each score, please come to a consensus for a score.

  • Select the score online.

  • Write a brief description of the reason(s) for each score.

  • Narrative: Be brief. The narrative should be under 500 words and be focused on answering the questions at the end of your handout. These include: strengths, areas of improvement, and then ideas/plans that would assist in improving or maintaining the current score.

  • “Be brief” in the directions means a little more than a single sentence. Be sure to provide enough context that would pass the stranger test.
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Standard 1:

  • McKay,

  • S. Justice

  • Blackwell

Standard 2:

  • Graham

  • Lemings

  • Griffeth

  • Grant

Standard 3: 3.1-3.6:

  • Milliron

  • Flury

  • Reasbeck

  • Evans

Standard 3: 3.7-3.12:

  • Roberts

  • Brinager

  • Sursi

  • Gardner

Standard 4:

  • Ross

  • Jolly

  • Gallyon

Standard 5:

  • Reep

  • DiTondo

  • P. Justice

  • Stiles