Flubaroo and Google Forms

A match made in heaven

Creating a Google Form

Step 1: Click on your Drive

Step 2: Click on "Create"

Step 3: Choose "Form"

Step 4: Create all the questions for your quiz *Remember to add a question for your students to put their name

Viewing Responses

Once you have created your form you must choose how you would like to view the responses. To do this you must:

Step 1: Click on "Choose response destination"

Step 2: Choose "New Spreadsheet"

Step 3: Click on "View responses"

Installing Flubaroo

To install Flubaroo you must be in the Responses part of your Form. Remember that in Google Drive you will have two parts to your form: 1. the form itself and 2. the responses to the form (the word "responses" will be in parentheses next to the name of the file. The responses file will be a SPREADSHEET, not a form.

In the responses spreadsheet do the following to install Flubaroo:

Step 1: Click on "Tools"

Step 2: Click on "Script Gallery"

Step 3: Type "Flubaroo" in the search box

Step 4: Choose "Flubaroo" from the list of options and click on "Install"

Step 5: It will ask for your authorization. Scroll down and click "Authorize"

You can now see Flubaroo in the menu bar of your response spreadsheet.

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Grading Student Assignments

Click on the video below to learn how to create your answer key and then grade student assignments.