Should Teens Be Allowed To Drive?

Is 16 Too Young to Drive?

Teen Driving

Should teens be allowed to drive?

Teens should have to take a maturity test. They should take the test over what to do and what not to do while driving. they should take the test so that we would know how mature they are and if they should be allowed to drive or not. The test should have simple questions and some harder questions. They should also have to take the driving test at least twice before being able to drive without supervision.

Should You Be 18 Before You Can Drive?

You should be 18 before you can start driving because you should be a little more mature as an 18 year old than as a 16 year old. You could drive at the age of 16 if you are mature enough and have respect for others on the road. If you are 18, that does not mean that you will always be more mature than a 16 year old. You should be though. If you are 18, you should still have respect for others on the road, and you should always be responsible on the road. If you respect others on the road, they should respect you as well.
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