Culture Of The Renaissance



They mainly ate mush or soup. The soup would be made of scraps of food, usually vegetables such as carrots or eggs. Mush was made from grain like oats or wheat and then cooked in water. Sort of like oatmeal now. They didnt get alot of meat because it was expensive and rare.


Fashion and clothing was a big part of the Renaissance. A wealthy person would have a variety of clothes made out of fine materials, furs, and silks. A peasant on the other hand only has 1 or 2 pairs of clothes. Men wore colorful tights or stockings with a shirt and coat, the coat was tight fighting and was called a doublet. They often wore hats. Women wore long dresses that had high waist and puffy sleeves and shoulders. Wealthy women would have jewelry made of gold and ornamented with expensive jewels such as pearls and sapphire . Sometimes the embroidery on their dresses used gold and silver thread.


Many new ideas along with attitudes that marked times were portrayed in art. A new idea called humanism put a focus on human needs, interest, and abilities . The new idea changed how artist painted their subjects well as the choice of subjects they painted.


Most of renaissance architecture style was taken from Ancient Rome and Greece then altered to fit their current lifestyles. Some historians consider the start of the renaissance to be 1419, when he won the commission to build the dome above the cathedral. The dome was an ambitious undertaking, it was the largest dome built since the pantheon in Ancient Rome it had been built 1500 years ago


The language was really weird back then like good morning would be good morrow, How are you- How now, Thank you- grammercy, Good afternoon- Good day, goodbye i have to go- Fare the well i must go


The rich people traveled by horses and carriages but if you weren't that rich most people just walked cause it was the only way. They didn't have cars, airplanes, or anything like that, they just had horses.


jousting was popular back then beacause thats how people finish what they need to do. Its were two nights battle each other in a arena with a sword type stick and if it breaks they get more points and if they fall you lose


The main religion in Europe was Christianity, the main church was the Catholic church. The was a new idea including a new Christian church called Protestantism and a new philosophy called Humanism. Humanism was important to the Renaissance cause it placed values on a human accomplishments and the study of nature


the normal home for a poor farmer was one room hut, but weither merchants began to live in large homes. The homes would have beeen dark and cold compared to todasy homes. They didn't have running water neither bathrooms, they were probly smelly.


1419 - Architect Brunelleschi designs the dome for the Florence Cathedral.

1434 - The Medici family becomes the head of the city-state of Florence.

1450 - Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press.

1453 - The Ottoman Empire captures the city of Constantinople, signaling an end to the Byzantine Empire.

1469 - Lorenzo de Medici becomes head of the city-state of Florence.

1485 - Henry 3 becomes king of England

1486 - Boticelli completes the painting The Birth of Venus.

1492 - Christopher Columbus discovers the America.