Top 10 Netiquette list

By Olivia Reed & Caroline Dunn


The rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over computernetworks, especially the Internet.

Spelling, Punctuation, & grammer

You wouldn't wright a paper with poor spelling an grammar, so why would you do it in an email?

Properly address the person

Use the person's title (Mr. Mrs. Ms. or Dr.) with their last name.

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph

You want to make sure the person who you are emailing to knows who it is from.

Use professional words

No bad words or texting words.

Don't make offensive comments

Don't wright anything mean or hurtful.

Have a recognizable user name

Don't have your user name be something random like have it be your name so people know who you are.

Have a short subject that relates to your email

Try to have a key word in the subject so the person can remember what the email is about.

Get your point across without getting off topic

If write in a bunch of fluff then the writer might skip over the important parts.

Use correct leave-talking

Make sure when you end an email to sign off with sincerely and then your name.

Proof read in case of mistakes

Making simple mistakes might make the reader thing that you are sloppy and don't care.