By: Christopher Paolini

Little bit about the book

Eragon is one of the best book I have ever read. The author, Christoper Paolini was only about 18 when he wrote the book. Since then, he had made three more books as the sequels.


In the land of Alegasia, a ruined king rules with an iron fist and a dragon. As his power grows more and more, a 15-year-old boy named Eragon finds the dragon egg that was stolen from the king. As the dragon, Saphira, grows, danger looms over Eragon. With the death of his uncle, Eragon sets out on a quest with Brom, the old storyteller, to get his revenge. Along the way, trouble befall the two and ends up with Brom getting killed. Eragon decides that the best way to get his revenge for the deaths is to join the Varden, the group that rebels against the king. During his time at the Varden camp, which lies in the Dwarven city of Tronjheim, an attack from the Urgals, horned monsters under control of the king, rages out. Eragon, nearly dead, killed the Shade who controlled them. To be continued...