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Making your Google Docs life easier!

Since more and more teachers are shifting to Google Drive and Classroom, there's an even higher focus on Google Docs. While this is a terrific collaborative tool, there are many other features that make this a must when simply word processing or completing assignments. Below are a few, but they're just a sliver of neat items Google Docs has to offer.

Font Selections Galore!

One of my favorite features with Google Docs is the ability to incorporate an astonishing amount of fonts for every occasion. In order to select other fonts, follow these steps. Click the dropdown arrow next to the current font (the default font is Arial in Docs). Then, at the very bottom of that window is an option labeled "More Fonts." Once clicked, a new box appears. You can have fonts listed alphabetically, by the date they were added, or even their popularity or even "trending!" To add these to your Font Library, simply select the font you'd like and it will appear in the sidebar on the right. Once you're finished, select OK in the lower left hand corner. Just like that, you have new fonts to use in your document!

A Different Kind of Paint

Another great feature is the Paint Format icon. This allows you to keep the same formatting for a group of words instead of repeating the process several different times. For example, if you have headings in your document that are Bold, Italicized, Underlined, 28 point font, and hunter green in color, it's easy to make them all uniform without having to repeat that process for however many headings you have. With that heading in its new look, highlight it and then click the Paint Format icon. This action "memorizes" those items. Then, highlight a new heading (or text selection), and the new format appears. Be careful not to click an area once you have the Paint Format icon selected because you may only format one letter or more than you want and will have to repeat the process.

Save Time with the Template Gallery

If you've ever had to recreate a document to use as a template, why not snag a template from the gallery for easy use? In order to access this, open a new Doc. Then, under "File" at the top, select "New - From Template." This will bring up all of the options for template use. Here, you can utilize templates for documents such as a resume, class notes, meeting notes, business or informal letter, or even a brochure or newsletter. Select one, customize it how you want, and save yourself a lot of time!

Linking to Other Documents or Sites

Often times in a Doc, you'll want to direct students to another location, whether it be a Doc that contains the rubric or a website with information on a topic. Each Doc has its own unique website address, so linking to a document is simple! In order to do this, highlight the text you'd like to turn into a link. Then, click the link icon at the top of the page. You can either paste the address into the bar or, because it's Google, type the website you'd like to direct them to and it will suggest a few for you. Once finished, click "Apply" and your text is now a link to other locations in cyberspace!

Know of Other Features?

If you have other items of interest that you use in Google Docs that aren't mentioned above, I'd love to hear them. I may learn something new! As always, if you have any questions regarding Docs, please let me know.

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