Exposure Triangle

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Exposure Triangle - Beginners Guide


  • ISO is a way to brighten up your photo without using flash.
  • The higher you set your ISO on your camera the brighter the picture will show up, but the higher the ISO the more grain with be in your photo.
  • You would use a higher ISO when it is darker outside to brighten up the picture and a lower one when it is brighter outside.
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  • Aperture is a way to give a wider and shallower depth of field by using f-top as a measurement.
  • It can also allow more or less light in depending on what you have it set at.
  • So in a way of explaining it a F/5 aperture would have a bigger opening allowing a shallow depth of field with more light getting in.
  • A 5/16 would be a wide depth of field with less light and a small opening
  • You would want to use a bigger f-stop when taking pictures of landscapes and a smaller f-stop when taking a picture of smaller objects.
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Shutter Speed

  • Shutter Speed is more or less how fast a camera can take a picture.
  • A shutter speed of 1/400 would be a fast picture but also a dark picture in which you would have to up your ISO.
  • A shutter speed at 1/60 would be lighter and probably have a blur to anything the moves.
  • You would use a faster shutter speed when taking pictures of something moving
  • And a slower one for something stationary and when its a little dark
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White Balance

  • White balance is a way to balance out the colors in your photo.
  • Usually when you adjust ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture you mix the colors up and make the photo appear to be blueish or reddish which is also the temperature of the photo.
  • Many cameras have a easy fix to this where they automatically adjust the white balance to the type of light you are shooting in.
  • If the photo appears to be blue or red and its cloudy where you're shooting you can adjust the white balance to cloudy and it appears to be normal.

The first picture is white balance not adjusted and then too a picture with adjusted white balance