The Patriot Progress: Community 5

Upcoming Two Weeks: January 11-22

How Do Connections Affect Our Lives?

We finished up our unit on connections just before Christmas break. Our students participated in several service projects that benefited our community. Below are some pictures of students working on the service projects. Thank you to all of the parents who donated supplies to make this happen. A special thank you to Costco, which donated a large amount.

Service Project Stations

We had four stations: bagging rice for a food pantry, making candy canes with notes for Baptist Hospital, creating Thank You cards for the military, and shredding paper for the Montgomery Humane Shelter. Each student was able to participate in two different service projects. We truly feel this was a wonderful experience for the kids, and we hope they understand the impact they can have in someone else's life.

New Unit Focus: Systems

How can we show the importance of systems in our every day lives?

This past Tuesday, we introduced students to the concept of systems and how they pop up all around us. Our driving question is "How can we show the importance of systems in our every day lives?" Each content area is focused on some type of "system" within that subject. As a community, each student will construct a Big Book of Systems. Students will learn about their content, but display the systems they discover in their Big Book. We have already started our first part of the book. Students also brainstormed on what a system is. Together, we defined systems as basically the way things work together. Please try to find ways to work systems into your conversations. You might discuss different routines you have at home that act as systems. We are excited about this new unit of study and the final product students will construct.
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Community five will continue to work on fractions for the next few weeks. Students took a preassessment, on Edmodo, when they returned from Christmas Break. Students need to be proficient in simplifying/finding equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions, ordering/comparing fractions and mixed numbers, adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing fractions. Please check fresh grade to check your child's progress. There are practice websites listed on Edmodo. Encourage your child to check them out!

(fourth grade standards 12-14)

(fifth grade standards 11-14)

Small Groups Working on Fractions


Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at systems in English Language Arts. Students collectively defined systems as the way things work. This past week, we began looking at stories, particularly fairy tales and how they work. We are compiling the components of a fairy tale and illustrating these components through a mind map. Each student will produce a mind map and add this to their Big Book of Systems. This focuses on ELA standards RL 5.9 (Compare and contrast stories in the same genre on their approaches to similar themes and topics).

Students will also consider how narrative writing works, using the writing process. This will cover stands W 5. 3 and W 5.5 (Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences. With guidance and support from peers and adults, develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach). Students will create their own fairy tale story and publish their work. They will have the option to publish the work digitally, or create a picture book. Students will start looking at narrative writing Tuesday, and begin the writing process. Once we have published our own fairy tales, we will look at Cinderella. We will read the Grimm Brothers version and Cinderella. We will then go to Alabama Shakespeare Festival watch the Perault version of the famous fairy tale on January 27. The students have really enjoyed the study this far. You may want to discuss fairy tales that you all read or watched with them as children. You might even have them read some fairy tales to younger siblings. With your student, you can discuss how the stories compare to one another and identify the components of fairy tales in each of the stories.

Please keep you eye out for an email via Freshgrade. We are deciding what novel we will read next. We are planning to read a class novel during the month of February.

Students Brainstorming Components of a Fairy Tale


Our focus in science is body systems and what makes up a body system. We are studying plant and animal cells, parts of the cell, tissues, organs, and systems. This goes along with our driving question. Our final product will be a big book of everything they've studied this unit, including research on one major body system. Students will be assessed on Tuesday 1/12. They will need to be able to label the parts of the cell and know what each part is responsible for.
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Students did a science experiment to see how the stems of plants take in water.


The focus in history for the next 3 weeks will be on causes of the Revolutionary War. We will use various activities in order to master Standard 7:
Determine causes and events leading to the American Revolution, including the French and Indian War, the Stamp Act, the Intolerable Acts, the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party.

We began by learning about the French and Indian War, and it seems like the students really enjoyed this lesson. We will explore the other causes in the following weeks in the order they appear on the standard. If you have time, please reinforce this learning at home. The number one struggle we see in social studies is with map skills. Students have a very difficult time recognizing where things and people should be on a blank map. We will be reinforcing those skills in the coming weeks as well. We will place several websites in the resources section for that standard on Freshgrade. Map skills coincide with Standard 1:
Locate on a map physical features that impacted the exploration and settlement of the Americas, including ocean currents, prevailing winds, large forests, major rivers, and significant mountain ranges.

Next Field Trip: Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta Field Trip

Friday, May 13th, 6:30am-8pm

Atlanta, GA, United States

Atlanta, GA

On May 13th, Community 5 will take a field trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Included is round-trip transportation to Atlanta on charter buses, admission to the World of Coca-Cola, admission to the Georgia Aquarium, admission to the Inside CNN Tour, and lunch at The Varsity. We have set up a payment plan to make it easier. You will be able to pay by cash, check, or an online pay link. (LINK BELOW - HARRIS ePAYMENTS) (If you pay with a check, please make sure a phone number is on the check) We will send home the field trip form on Monday January 11th.

Cost $110 Students

$132 Chaperones

Payment Plan Schedule:

1st payment due February 4th

$35 Students

$33 Adults

2nd payment due March 3rd

$25 Students

$33 Adults

3rd payment due April 7th

$25 Students

$33 Adults

4th payment due May 5th

$25 Students

$33 Adults

*** If you plan to pay your full amount in one payment please make that payment by March 3rd.

Required School Supplies and Wish List Items

All students must have:
Laptops Fully Charged

1 Standard Size Hershey's Chocolate Bar by Monday (January 11)

Wish List Items:
* Please do not feel obligated to donate. We would be grateful to receive items, but it is in no way expected. Due to the nature of our learning, our students go through a lot of supplies. We happily order and buy supplies regularly, but these are some of the most frequently needed items.

Construction Paper
Copy Paper
Liquid Glue

Upcoming Dates

January 11th: Students take home field trip permission forms for Atlanta

January 12th: Last day to work on Abstract Cell Pictures


January 19th: Tentative due date for Fairy Tale Projects (not yet introduced to kids)

January 21st: POP Day

January 22nd: Last day to pay the full amount for Cinderella at the ASF

January 27th: Cinderella at the ASF!

February 1: (Hopefully) Collect all supplies for Classroom Pet

Classroom Pet(s) Announcements!

It's all coming together!

Thanks to a donation by a parent, community 5 will be getting a very young bunny on Tuesday or Wednesday (January 12-13). This parent is providing the supplies for the bunny as well.

This does not, however, change our plans to procure a hamster. Several parents have signed up, and even sent in, supplies already. I am so grateful for the enormous amount of support I have had on this project. Thank you all! There are still several spots for supplies left - especially for the cage - and the link to sign up can be found below:

Students are more than likely telling you that they will be able to take the pets home, and that is true. Students will need to have permission via a form, and we will pull names out a hat at the beginning of the week to see who will take the pet home. Classroom pets must be picked up at school. The stress of walking them home or sending them on a bus can be detrimental to their health, so parents will have to come into the school to acquire the pet. Supplies will be sent home for pet care, and the pet should be brought back again on Monday. The form mentioned about should be sent home next week barring any setbacks.
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As teachers, we were absolutely overwhelmed by your generous Christmas gifts. Thank you so much for thinking of each of us at Christmas time. We hope you all had a safe and happy break, full of time with dear friends and family. It is such privilege to teach your child each and every day. We can hardly believe we are already half way through this year. It has been a joy to be on this journey with you during our first year at Pike Road Schools. We could not ask for better parents who support and encourage us on a regular basis. Thank you for being such a blessing!