St. Peter Update

November 2021

A Message from Your Administrative Team

Remembrance Prayer for Children

We remember those who stood for love and truth,

And thank you for the sacrifice they made for me and you.

Thank you that we can now enjoy peace and learn to love not fight,

Thank you that we can now sing and play, and not be scared or hide.

We pray for other countries where children live in fear,

And there is war and fighting and many are in tears.

Please help to make things better, and bring some peace to them.

Protect all those who try and help to make friends again.


Dear Families,

November is dedicated to remembering our dearly departed. Two important observances are found on the first two days of the month: All Saints Day and All Souls Day. This month we will recognize conscience which is one of the virtues that Jesus demonstrated through his words and deeds. Conscience is the inner voice in a person that moves them to do good under any circumstances and to avoid evil by all means. Conscience is needed in the classroom and school yard to heal broken relationships. When we join conscience with empathy (October’s virtue) we strongly echo the Gospel message and example of Jesus.

A heartfelt thank you to all the families who contributed to our school fundraising campaign. We are blessed to work with a generous and collaborative school community. We raised $1300 from our Terry Fox Run and $255 for the food bank along with many items of nonperishable food. Our United Way Spirit Week raised ??? Thank you for your generosity!

Monday, November 1st is a PA Day. Staff will continue to work on school based equity plan as well as education on PPM 166. The Keeping Students Safe policy – the first of its kind for an education sector in Canada – sets a strong foundation for Ontario school boards to build upon to create local anti-sex trafficking protocols. This new policy will ensure every school board has a plan with core components in place to protect students and empower school communities to play a key role in fighting sex trafficking and keeping children and youth safe from sexual exploitation.

On Tuesday, November 2nd, students in Gr. 1 to 6 will receive their Progress Report. The Progress Report will focus on student work habits and their progression towards learning expectations. Our Kinder students will also receive their Communication of Learning report. Your child's teacher will connect with you for interviews.

On Monday, November 11th, we will hold a Remembrance Day Liturgy to remember those who fought for our freedom, and for those who continue to work to keep our world safe. Each student will receive a sticker poppy on this morning (provided by the Royal Canadian Legion).

Yours in Catholic Education,

Gloria Hackett-Desgagne & Karen Paul

Administrative Team

Our First School Mass

On October 29th, Father Tim presided over our first school mass in over a year and a half!

It was wonderful to join together with our community in prayer.

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Thanksgiving Food Drive

Our Thanksgiving Food Drive for the Trenton Care and Share Foodbank was a huge success. Our wonderful families donated a truckload of food and a cheque for $250 will be given to the foodbank to purchase food as well. Thank you Mrs. Kotsovos and Ms DeSousa classes for organizing, collecting and sorting - we are truly fortunate. A big thank you to Mr. Carr for delivering!

Mrs. Farrell's grade 1 class loves learning about the seasons!

Grade 1’s have been talking about the different seasons and watching the trees outside our classroom window. On Take Me Outside Day we went outside to discuss and draw what the trees now look like in the Fall compared to the Summer.
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Ms. Palma's class loves using their gratitude journals

Math is alive and well!

Our grade 6s are learning many ways to solve math problems.
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Exploring Gravitational Force in Grade 3!

Some survived and some did not but we sure had fun!

Grade 3s learned how many bones there are in the human hand - do you know?

We learned about the bones in our hands and created our very own X-ray! Guess how many bones there are in one hand…. 27!
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Hallowe’en Torn Paper Art in Grade 3

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Math is fun in grade 3

Playing math games to build fluency with addition and subtraction facts.
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Mme. Beemer's Classes are Learning About Halloween en francais!

In French class we worked in our learning centers to help develop our Halloween vocabulary.
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Mrs. Lightfoot's Grade 2s took learning outside on October 20th!

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Ms. Carrigan's Kinders are Having so MUCH FUN LEARning and sharing

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Battery Recycling

Do you have used batteries and no where for them to call home? Our Eco team is collecting dead batteries - please send in any you have and we will give them a new home!
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November's Calendar

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Safe Arrival and Changes to End of the Day Routine

If your child is going to be absent, please call the school at 1-844-445-4383 or report the absence at

Changes in your child’s regular bus or pick up routine should be relayed to the office at least a day in advance when possible. If last minute changes are required, please call the school to ensure the message gets to your child.

Every school day matters

Regular attendance and punctuality contribute to student success and achievement. Attendance and punctuality are related to developing character traits such as respect, initiative, responsibility and integrity, and are linked to learning skills such as work habits and initiative. Students demonstrate commitment, respect, initiative and responsibility when they are in class and on time, all the time. The less class time students miss, the more likely they will succeed academically.

When a child is chronically late, they miss morning routines and important start up information. If you are driving or walking your child to school, please aim to arrive by 8:10 when the bell rings and they can be ready to learn with their classmates and teacher by 8:20.

Together, we contribute to each child's success!

November Hot Lunches and Milk

Hot lunches will be served Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and milk is served daily. Ordering is easy at Please call the school if you need assistance signing up!

Tuesday - hot dogs

Wednesday - pizza

Thursday - grilled cheese

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November's Virtue and Umbrella Skill

November's Virtue is Conscience and Umbrella Skill is Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset is a skill and takes practice!

  • the belief that our abilities are changeable, not fixed
  • the belief that you can acquire any ability through effort or study
  • the understanding that talents and abilities can develop through persistence, good teaching and hard work
  • the ability to see mistakes and setbacks as opportunities to learn and improve

For more information on growth mindset, please read file:///C:/Users/hackett/Downloads/Handout_Growth-Mindset.pdf

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