In this poster you will know more about monitor.

What is monitor?

Monitor is a device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of something.

How does a monitor works?

Liquid crystal display technology works by blocking light. Specifically, an LCD is made of two pieces of polarizet glass that contain a liquid crystal material between them. A backlight creates light that passes through the first substrate. At the same time, electrical currents cause the liquid crystal molecules to align to allow varying levels of light to pass through to the second substrate and create the colors and images that you see.

Types of monitor

There are two primary types of computer monitors, each with their own advantages over the other.

  • CRT, is cheaper, more durable and able to withstand being damaged and remain functional, and has a better gradation between colors.
  • LCD, is lighter and more compact, requires less electricity to power, and tends to have better resolution.