The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

This tsunami happened on 26 december, 2004 and it was generated by a magnitude 9.1 earthquake.

The wave claimed more than 230,000 lives in fourteen different countries.

The maximum height of the tsunami was measured at Leupung and it reached more than 30 metres.

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The 2010 Haiti Earthquake

The earthquake occurred at 16:53 local time on Tuesday, 12 January 2010.

It was a magnitude 7 earthquake.

This earthquake caused 220,000 - 360,000 deaths and 300,000 people were injured.

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The Katrina Hurricane

This hurricane was formed on August 23, 2005 and it was dissipated on August 31, 2005.

The Katrina caused severe destruction and 1,836 deaths in North America.