No More Dead Dogs

A Novel by Gordan Korman

Wallace and Rachel

There are about two main characters- Rachel and Wallace. Rachel is this "drama nerd" and is so serious about it, hoping that she could become an actress known everywhere. Wallace is often known as this "football hero." He is just an average football player, but he luckily made the winning touchdown for the championship. Because of his dad lying every chance he gets, Wallace tells the whole truth, even if it might hurt someone's feelings.

"Korman's humorous novel will endear it to readers who wonder, Why does the dog always die?" -The Reading Teacher

The Conflict

One day Wallace got assigned afternoon detention, during football practice with Mr.Fogleman at the gym. Mr.Fogleman was actually directing a play when Wallace was supposed to come for detention, so Wallace had to observe the play for finishing his "incomplete." While at drama ( for the next month, because he didn't finish it yet ) he noticed some vandalisms at the set. Rachel and Nathanial automatically jumped to conclusions thinking it was Wallace, but the rest of the drama team didn't think the same. One certain vandalism occurs, and Wallace was framed, with that conflict, it turned about the whole school furious at him.

"Everyone comes out a winner"- Booklist

Other Characters

Ricks the star quarterback on the Giants. He usually gets his sayings mixed up. He is friends with Wallace

Trudi is best friends with Rachel. She often cares about how others see her.

Parker is his school's newspaper reporter. He makes up some wacky things though, he needs a fact checker.

What Happens Next?

Read the novel to find out!