Do you want to be a veterinarian?

Save life's and help animals who need it.

Becoming a veterinarian

Do you want to become a veterinarian? If so, you came to the right place. There are a lot of veterinarian’s and lots of different types. But in this site it doesn’t matter what type or witch veterinarian you want to be. I talk about salary,grades,and all different things. If you're interested in becoming someone who saves animals and makes sure they’re healthy you're in the right place. We also rescue animals that have been hurt or nearly killed if you want to be a vet than you’re on the right path of becoming successful.


Save life's and make a difference.

Pets for Vets


There are 30 veterinary schools in America!

It is very competitive to gain admission to a veterinary schools.

Admission requirements for veterinary schools have many things in common;however the specific requirements may vary among schools.Most schools of veterinary medicine require or prefer applicants to have a bachelor's degree.Also Each successive year in a program of veterinary medicine builds upon Graduates of accredited programs. veterinary medicine must be licensed to practice. After becoming licensed, one might choose to gain further practical and specialized experience in the field by interning for a year before a National and state associations exist for veterinarians. applying for a more permanent position the field, the previous year curriculum.

day to day life of a veterinarian

On a day to day life of a vet, you wake up around 9:00 am,your schedule might be entirely or partly blocked off for surgical procedures,such as spays or neuters.The rest of the day is filled with appointments.These appointments may be serious like vomiting or diarrhea. Then some of the day may be research or referring to specialist.
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