Mobile Learning Apps


The Mindomo app is free and can be found on any Apple device as well as Androids, Chromebooks, and laptops. Students can create an unlimited amount of mind maps that can incorporate links, pictures, and more that can be presented or shared as PDFs, images, or sent by email.


This free app can be found using any device and is great for language classes. Students can record and upload sound files onto their account which can then be shared or embedded. Teachers can leave comments throughout which means that students get feedback in line with the recording. It will sound something like what you hear below about the Spanish Civil War.

Spanish Project ZA

Spanish Project ZA
Getting Started with Blendspace


This free app is found in the Apple app store as well as Android's Google Play and on a lap top. Students can create and draw on images from their camera, maps, the web, blank pages and even Google Drive or a screen capture if they are using a laptop. This is best to use on a computer as students can then work through Google Drive synchronously or asynchronously. The pictures can be exported on email, the camera roll, shared through a link or embedded as code.


This tool for polling can be found in the Apple store, on Google play and on laptops and Chromebooks. Teachers are able to engage their students in a game-show like manner where students join by using the number provided by the teacher. Using sounds and timers keeps students engaged and it's easy for teachers to use as other teachers share their quizzes for you to sift through. More on Kahoot! can be found below.