Celia Colindres P. 9

Why I want to be a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrist are those who help people live a better life and in some cases help people decide to keep living their lives. This career interests me because i love working with people. As many of my friend have told me, I believe that one of my greatest skills are giving advise and giving legitimate critics. I really enjoy listening to people and trying to help them out or helping them on committing to a decision.

Career Details

Responsibilities, Avg. Hours/ Work Schedule, Work Location, Salary,


Psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the problems of mental illness. They may give a variety of treatment and may write prescriptions. Their duties include:

  • Designing treatment programs.
  • Conducting psychotherapy sessions.
  • Prescribing potent mental illness drugs.
  • Supervising electrotherapy treatments.
  • Conducting research.
  • Leading a team of mental health care providers.
Work Schedule/ average Hours:
most psychiatrists work over 40 hours a week if psychiatry is a full-time career. They also may have to be on call, particularly if the psychiatrist is affiliated with a mental hospital or inpatient mental health facility.

Average Salary:
$90,000 - $200,000
general psychiatrists earn $206,992 annually, according to 2009 data based on 2008 earnings.

Work Location:
Psychiatrists may work for the government, have their own office or an inpatient facility where patient may stay overnight to be monitored and watched, in hospitals, clinics, or universities.


Becoming a Psychiatrist..

Education Needed
must include-4 years undergraduate, 4 years medical school, 1 year rotating internship, and 4-6 years doing a residency. 12 years or more of education and training at the postsecondary and postgraduate levels are also required

Skills Required
You must have active listening skills, reading comprehension skills, social perceptiveness, good speaking skills, critical thinking, negotiation, complex problem solving, learning strategies, and writing.

Job Outlook/Growth
“The demand for psychiatrists is expected to grow at a rate faster than the average through the year 2016 (Bureau of Labor Statistics) .” There is a shortage of Psychiatrist so the demand for them and the jobs opened are high. However, competition is very high, so it is important to maintain top grades in order to get into medical school for psychiatry.

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