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Nutrition Diva: Do Certain Foods Trigger Headaches?

It has been said that certain foods trigger headaches, Nutrition Diva talked about the following foods that have been labeled as headache triggering foods: chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners. Although there have been many studies done to prove that these foods can be linked to headaches most studies have failed to prove there is any statistical or measurable correlation. Other ingredients that are known to trigger headaches are high in histamines, tyramine, and nitrites. In the podcast she mentioned doing hobbies that relieve stress and relaxation techniques. Diet Diva talks about following a low histamine diet, similar to the one described in episode #295. This would reduce your intake of high histamines, tyramine, and nitrites.

More information-http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/healthy-eating/foods-that-fight-inflammation

Other tips:

  • Anti-inflammatory diets
  • Reducing your intake of omega-6 fats
  • Avoid skipping meals
  • Yoga

The only supplement that was recommended- magnesium

I like this podcast I found it interesting that there is no direct correlation between headaches and the foods she mentioned that have a bad reputation. I like that she mentions using an anti-inflammatory diet. I think she did some in-depth research to find out this information. I like that the Diet Diva lays out all of the facts from which I could tell she took an unbiased approach. As a whole I liked the podcast but I do wonder where is the point when you need to seek over the counter drugs or medical attention for headache that won't subside?

Get Fit Guy- 3 Ways to Stop Muscle Cramps

Get Fit Guy talks about 3 ways to stop muscle cramps. He mentions that the most common areas to have muscle cramps are lower back, hamstrings, and quadriceps. He gave specific workouts that can give relief to each area.

Lower back: Lower back pain is due to weak back extensors. To strengthen the back lay down on your stomach. Then life your arms and legs simultaneously off the ground and hold for as long as possible. To enhance this exercise, reach forward and then back with your arms as you do this, as if you were pressing an imaginary weight in front of you. Do 10-20 times.

Hamstrings: When your hamstrings cramp, it may mean that you have weak pelvic muscles or weak hip extenders and the hamstrings end up taking up all the extra work. To strengthen your pelvic muscles and hip extensors, try the folded dollar bill exercise. You clasp both hands across your chest, bow forward with a straight back until your hamstrings tighten, then squeeze your butt muscles to stand back to an upright position. 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps.

Quadriceps: The inside muscle of you quadriceps that runs down by your side is typically the reason for quad cramping. To help strengthen the the muscle, which is called your VMO, try an isometric lunge, where you drop down into a lunge position and hold for as long as possible whole keeping your knee behind your toe and your leg bent at about 900. Hold for 10-20 seconds, then switch sides, and do this 4-5 times.

For more information-


I really like that Get Fit Guy give specific exercises to help with cramping. I think the exercises can be very useful although I would like to see additional activities or exercises that could help with this. I think that this podcast was full of valid information and I like that there is no equipment that you need in order to do the exercises. I would have like to see some additional links or videos about other helpful resources listeners could use.

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Final Thoughts

I found that both of these podcasts were full of rich information. I liked that both parties gave solutions to aches and pains without using over the counter medication. I liked that Nutrition Diva seemed like she did a lot of research for prevention of headaches. I noticed that she mentioned a lot of foods that are linked to causing headaches but I would have liked to see if there were any foods that have been proven to help prevent headaches.

The Get Fit Guys pod caste opened up a new world to me about how exersises can prevent cramps when I sometimes catch myself thinking it was the other way around. I would think that exercising can cause cramping because it tightens your muscles but GFG talked about doing the appropriate exersises to help avoid cramping. I liked that his podcast was separated into three parts focusing each on stretching or exersises that help with the three problem areas that tend to have cramping the most. I think that the lower back exersises might be challenging for older ages so I would have liked to have seen some alternatives or links with other exersises that can help.




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