You should visit Honolulu, Hawaii

By: Shelbey Strandberg

Climate in Honolulu:

The amazing climate of Honolulu has mild temperatures year round and the ocean provides moderate humidity. There are very little severe storms and some rain. There are only two seasons; summer and winter. Summer months are between May and October because of the little amounts of rain and slightly warmer temperatures. Winter months are from January to April and October to December because of the higher amounts of rain and slightly cooler temperatures.
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Things I would do in Honolulu, HI:

Map of Honolulu:

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Forecast for the next 2 days:

  1. Monday, April 20

    1. A high of 81ºF

    2. A low of 71ºF

    3. It will be partly cloudy/Windy

    4. 20% chance of precipitation

  2. Tuesday, April 21

    1. A high of 83ºF

    2. A low of 71ºF

    3. It will be partly cloudy

    4. 10% chance of precipitation

How does the forecast compare to the climate?

This is the time of year that is in between summer and winter. It is like summer because it is very warm, but it is like winter because it is windy and cloudy. There are still the mild temperatures like in the climate. The climate and daily temperatures are very similar. The only significant difference between the two are the wind/clouds and sometimes rain.

Go to Honolulu, Hawaii today!

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