NST Montreal Family Potluck

We're all in this together

Our Special Day Is Coming

Lima beans are green, bananas are yellow.

It's pouring rain outside and we're comfortably sleeping on our pillow.

Bring some food, bring your groove.

It's time to celebrate and wiggle it.

Time for NST Montreal Family Fun.

Giggle Wiggle Giggle.

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No I Won't Sleep Tonight

Friday, Oct. 26th 2012 at 7pm

2000 Rue Drummond, Montréal, QC, Canada


7:00-7:15pm Guests arrival

7:15-7:30pm Refreshments are served

7:30-8:00pm Nap time

8:00-9:00pm Food coma

9:00-9:15pm AIESEC Dances

9:15-10:30pm Let the games begin

10:30-11:00pm Pillow fight

11:00-11:30pm Makeover

11:30-12:00am Tea time