Mrs. Cole's Newsletter

May 9 - 13, 2016


* Keep reading! Your child has until May 20 to meet his/her AR goal.

* After school enrichment classes begin this week.

* We will be swimming in P.E. this week. Please make sure your child has a swimsuit (one piece for girls), towel, and flip flops in his/her bag.

What We're Studying:

Spelling Words

person, helmet, until, carpet, Monday, enjoy, forget, problem, Sunday, garden, order, mistake, umpire, herself, expect, wisdom

*Test Friday

Vocabulary for "Foot Race"

1. principal - the leader of a school

2. proud - to feel pleased with yourself

3. announced - made known to many people

4. loveliest - most beautiful and delightful

5. ancient - very old

6. absorb - soak up

7. ability - to be able to do something

8. collect - to gather things together in a group

9. loyal - faithful to others

10. advice - to tell others what they should do