Folk style Wrestling

By: Cole Campagna

About folk style wrestling

Folk style wrestling has three scoring positions; offense, defense, and neutral. Folk style wrestling is the style used in high school and college wrestling competition in the united states. Freestyle wrestling refers to the style seen in international competition.

Heritage of wrestling

Folk style wrestling has a rich heritage dating back to the founding days of the U.S and has touched every part of american life. Although Folk style is an evolved form of Greek wrestling, its rules were established in the 19th century by a french soldier named exbroyat.

Three of the Six types of Wrestling


Folk style wrestling is the fifth most popular sport in american high schools and the most commonly practiced style of wrestling in the U.S.

Rules and Scoring

--Take down: 2 points

--Escape: 1 point

--Reversal: 2 points

--Penalty: 1-2 points

A-Illegal Holds: 2 points

B-Unnecessary Roughness: 2 points

C-Unsportsmanlike conduct: 2 points

D-Stalling: 2 points

E-Technical Violations: 2 points

Scoring positions