Passiflora Press

September 27, 2015

Happy End of the Month!

Hi Ladies!!

What can I say? You are some of the MOST inspiring women and friends I have ever had. Truly. Honestly. Really.

Our team is on a roll right into the holidays and it is because we have been planning accordingly. Working our businesses, creating constant calendars, maintaining consistency, and staying active - even if that is just one small sale a month.

I am eager and excited to see where these last 3 days of the month take us right on into our 1 year anniversary of team on October 1!

Keep up the great work, crush those goals of yours, and celebrate with us all! <3

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20% off your next order with Brit & Co.

Ok, so we all know that Brit & Co now has the kit available for purchase for a DIY jewelry holder and that Chloe and Isabel is offering a 20% off discount off the "purchaser" next jewelry purchase after buying the kit....

HOWEVER, I found a loophole that may or may not be there on purpose. Honestly, I am not really sure BUT i think it will be a good way to sail off the end of the month with a bang for our entire team and bring you ladies SO close and further to your goals!!!

Follow this link here (copy/paste once you are on the page - the hyperlink in the box - to share with your VIP clients.)

Then once you have shared that link, let your client know to enter their email, then head to your specific link to shop for their 20% off order! In a matter of creating urgency, I would let your clients know it expires on the 30th. (However, I am honestly not sure that's true - but I also suggest you take advantage of this opportunity soon in case it is a glitch without having to buy the kit)

This is AMAZING as a way to give back to your VIP clients and current customer email list. I would NOT advertise this publicly on facebook. It will make it seem less of a personalized 20% off that you want to help your clients save money that have already invested in you with. If you do not have current clients, message friends and family that you think would be willing to "take the bait" of getting 20% off their order.

But DO NOT share publicly on facebook, please. (Unless it is your private VIP group).

I want to see you ALL get at least one 20% off sale. Our team has 0 pop-ups left on the books, we are a little over $4k to team goal and many of you are still either inches or a couple feet from your own personal goals.

Let's get personal with our network, take advantage of this "glitch" as I am calling it (because again, i honestly have NO IDEA - i honestly saw another merchandiser post it for her network) and truly make the end of September SHINE!!! We are going to have a Rocking #rocktober ahead and I really just wanted to get this info to you STAT!

So, when you get a 20% off sale, message me personally and let me know! I want to be PERSONAL! <3