Principal Update

August 31st, 2015

BSE Crew,

Happy Monday! Please take a minute of your day to say goodbye to Debbie Townsend who is hanging up the treasurer spurs to go enjoy retirement with her husband. Although our time with Debbie has been short, it has been highly productive and positive. We wish Debbie the best!

As Debbie departs we welcome our new treasurer LaVon Wade who will start with us on Tuesday. LaVon has a teaching degree and accounting degree from Ball State. She is an HSE parent and is going to be a tremendous and powerful team member at BSE.

Please take a look at the links and words below. These are all important items and I do assume that you are reading all of the information on these updates. I am far to distant from all of you this year, but hope to make some gains in September to get our office firing on all cylinders and streamlining my meeting schedules etc.

As we hit Labor Day weekend it is a great time to begin displaying some authentic learning outcomes from recent study. Please keep those worksheet like items off of our walls and explore a new way to share that is student created, centered, and of strong connection to your learning.

It has been a wonderful start to the year! Thanks for being student focused, problem solvers, with positive attitudes!


DOT DAY is coming soon!

Don't miss out on a tremendous opportunity so make sure you register your class.

On September 15, students from all over the planet will be participating in International Dot Day. You and your students will be reading the book, The Dot, by Peter Reynolds and creating "dots" of your own to share with another class. You could connect with another class in the building, the community, the state or even the country! I will be using Skype to set up connections that day, let me know if you want help! You can follow this event on Twitter using #DotClubConnect, @PeterReynolds. Please ask any 4th grade teacher about this experience from last year... it was a ton of creativity, collaboration and connection!



Grade Level NWEA Data Review - ALL STAFF FOR EACH GRADE LEVEL ATTEND - Mandatory

Location: Computer Lab


9-8-15 - 4th Grade

9-9-15 - 3rd Grade

9-10-15 - 2nd Grade

9-11-15 - 1st Grade

9-14-15 - Kinder

What to Bring: Ipad, I'll provide data documents in paper form.

RTI START DATE: 9-15-15 - 8am (Tues. -Friday)

Students will be assigned based on data review discovery and past history.

BSE RTI has dropped IXL math.

WE have ADDED Moby Max - Reading, Math, and Progress Monitoring for ALL Tier 2 students. This will be a year of trial with all Tier 2/3 and lead to a potential school wide use next year when all students have a device.

PD in September

9-7-15 - NO SCHOOL

9-11-15 - 1/2 Day PD - LGI - 1PM - HSE21 Focus

9-30-15 - Dr. Bourff - LGI - 7:55AM

9-30-15 - Chinese Acrobats Visit BSE - K-2 9AM/ 3rd 4th (10AM)

4th Grade will switch lunch schedules with 1st Grade that day.

9-30-15 - Dr. Kingsly - GES - 4PM - Use for choice hours if you missed her last year.

Mudsock and PastaBowl Update

PastaBowl15 – Founded by HSE Schools’ Board President John DeLucia, PastaBowl is back and bigger than ever with a goal of collecting 20,000 lbs. of dry pasta for local food pantries! From September 1 until game day September 11, the school community is encouraged to donate.

Notify all parents to send in pasta with our students and we can fill our PastaBowl collection bin at the front office.

Morning Announcements - STARTING- 9-8-15

Team Leaders will receive a roster for morning announcements. Teachers will do the announcements daily from their room. I suggest you ask students to take care of this item.

When it is your date, at 9:55AM, please ask the student body to rise and state the Pledge, followed by a brief moment of silence.

You will use your phone to do the all call. If you need a reminder of how this works, let me know.

Bear Paw Winners

Mrs. Thorne will begin celebrating Bear Paws this Friday prior to departure. Please send all Paws etc. to the office prior to 3pm.

LLI - Important Reminders

  • This is an intensive intervention designed to accelerate below grade level readers through a comprehensive reading, writing, and word work model.
  • Lessons are built to be 30-45 mins in duration and expected to be a minimum of 4 times a week.
  • Progress monitoring is built within the lesson that includes a running record, accuracy, fluency and comprehension score weekly or biweekly.
  • Groups are to be for 3-4 students.
  • BSE has green (1st), blue (2nd), and red (3rd) grade kits that live in Fatima's office.
  • Students being considered for LLI require multiple data points showing below grade level status AND are not responding to adjustment of core instruction.
  • Fatima Rich IS available to assist you with any and all needs with LLI.

Student Count Day - Motivate them to be HERE!

The official student count day is September 18, 2015

F and P Benchmark Reminder

1. Each grade level lead will have a kit(s) to share with team members.

2. All students will be assessed before October 9 by the classroom teacher in time for conferences.

3. Trainings/refreshers will be available per grade level or one on one.

Manners & Maintenance of Kits

1. Please check out entire kit from team lead, not pieces (folders, calculator, books, etc.)

2. Make additional copies of assessments when needed (masters are in cabinet in Fatima's office).

3. Please keep fiction and non-fiction assessments separated by colored paper already placed inside.

4. Lost books should be returned to same cabinet.

Getting Started

Please email Fatima Rich if you'd like to experience a side by side benchmar including days and times that work for your schedule and I will send an appointment via Outlook. Team Leads can also schedule me to come talk to the entire grade level during a PLC if desired.

New Teachers

Fatima Rich is happy to meet with you before or after school or on your prep to review materials and expectations.

Looking Ahead

Students receiving Tier 2/3 instruction will be benchmarked in winter along with any other desired students for a mid year check.
All students will be benchmarked in spring before the last week of school to analyze growth from instruction all year long.