Relationship and Identity


Catholic Church Teachings On Sexual Intimacy

Sexuality is a great gift that God has given us that is shared between two people. It finds it fullness in the commitment of a marriage relationship.

Sexual intimacy includes the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human person.Sexual acts have two functions: they are both unitive and procreative.

Catholic Church Teachings On Contraception

The Catholic Church only believes in two types of contraceptives which are abstinence and Fertility Awareness (ovulation prediction). The Church teaches about these contraceptives because they are natural.

Informed Conscience

Some Catholics believe that an 'informed conscience" means that if they feel something is right or wrong, then that makes it okay for them. In other words, if one feels something is not sinful (such as abortion or divorce) then it isn't. This is a misapplication of the understanding of an informed conscience.

What is a healthy relationship and what makes a healthy relationship?

There are all different types of relationships which include friendships, girlfriends, boyfriends, husband and wife, families, acquaintances, people you play sport with, etc. In every type of relationship their should be respect and equality.

A healthy relationship is when you and another person are in a good partnership with no fighting, ignoring, bullying, excluding, doubting and having no trust issues with each other.

In a relationship, the two people have to recognize their differences and they should understand each other; people should act like themselves and be who they want to be otherwise its a fake relationship and it won’t work between the couple.

In a couple you should be ready to face unexpected changes, make mistakes and have a bit of a change of lifestyle.

For relationships to work there should be equal effort put in by the two people. If the people in the relationship do equal amounts in keeping it healthy, then there is nothing for them to complain about. The important ingredients in a successful relationship are communication, trust, understanding, friendship, intimacy, values and honesty.

Its important in a relationship that there are no secrets; the couple should be open minded to each other and not find it hard to do so.