Peter and the Starcatchers

By: Dave Berry Summary By: Emma Gomez

Peter and the Starcatchers summary

Peter was an orphan and we was getting aboard the Neverland ship and he saw his mate Alf touched a trunk and everybody thought he was on rat poison. While on the ship he meet a girl named Molly. Peter found out that Molly could talk to porpoises and that she was a Starcatcher. Molly was protecting the trunk that Alf had touched getting on the Neverland and she does not want her enemy Black Stashe' to get a hold of the trunk because he would use it for bad. Black Stashe' got a hold the Neverland and he was looking for the trunk and Molly and Peter we trying to get the trunk off the Neverland for safety and Peter had fallen off the Never land. The porpoise that Molly was talking to was named Ammm. Ammm was in the water when peter had fallen and Ammm was teaching Peter how to fly. Peter was flying and he soon figured out that he had run out of Starstuff and started to fall again. He landed on a mysterious island and soon he found Molly and they had separated then Peter had found the boys. They had met the Molisks and they had said that once they had come to their territory that Mr. Grin would kill them. Mr.Grin is a big alligator. Molly had saved Peter and the boys with her starstuff in her locket. They had caught up with ammm and he had wanted them to follow him so they did but Peter tried to go over a hill and he got mocked out and mermaids came to rescue him. They all met up again and peter was with the mermaids and he had the trunk. Molly and the boys were about to get killed. Blackstash made a trade for peter he gave up the trunk for Molly and the boys. So he took it and handed Blackstash the trunk for Molly and the boys. But Blackstash took Molly and the trunk. When he got on the boat he realised that the trunk was empty. Peter went to go get Molly off the boat and Molly's dad had arrived. Soon after peter realised that when moving all the starstuff he permanently could fly. Peter and the boys stayed on the island and Molly and her dad went back to England.

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