George Washington As General

Derek Gebel

Why Is it important

It was important that a good leader was picked to fight the British for independence. They needed a leader who was knowledgable, could inspire his troops, and willing to fight for as long as it took. #Murica

Early in Georges Military Career

Washington was British General Braddock's aide during the French and Indian War. He gain knowledge of border warfare, invaluable experience in training, and disciplining. This experience helped him later in the war and later on during the American revolution. It was the start of his military career


Revolution War

Due to his experience in the previous Franch and Indian War, Washington was the perfect candidate to command the Continental Army. He was also considered for political reasons. Since George was from the largest colony, the Virginia colony, he was perfect to gain southern support for the war. George was courageous and determined General who smart enough to keep one step ahead of the British. On Christmas night 1776, Washington and his men crossed the Delaware River to suprise attack Hessian soldiers. This was a victory for the Continental army and few days later, avoiding a force that had been sent to destroy his army, Washington attacked the British and winning. #Ain'tNobodyWhoCanDoItLikeGeorge #GOAT

Newburgh Conspiracy

He stopped a overthrow of congress at during the Newburgh Conspiracy. After saying the following quote, the men notice a disarming hint of vulnerability from their stern leader. "Gentleman, you must pardon me, for I have not only grown gray but almost blind in service to my country." Some of the men cried they were that affected by what he said and they gave him the the unanimous thanks of the officers. It was one of the most greatest vicotries without using violence. #NotToday #NotInMyHouse

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